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Terms of Service

By signing up for an account on Lost Realm you are accepting these Terms of Service.

Changes to ToS will be announced on the message boards or in game news. It is your responsibility to read announcements and keep up with game rules. Failure to do so may see in the termination of your account.

Age Limits

All players must be above the age of 13 when signing up for an account. Players found under age may have their account terminated.

Parents, feel free to contact game staff with any questions or concerns.

Game Decency

Staff of Lost Realm cannot prevent bad language but verbal abuse towards staff or players will see you banned from message boards or chat room.


Each player is allowed one and only one account. Anyone found with multiple accounts will see all accounts jailed or terminated. We may assume that you have multiple accounts if most resources are transferred from one account to another, if trades are made for excessive amounts, or if multiple accounts use the same password or the same IP Address.

Using the same Computer or IP address may be permitted, but a discussion with a Staff memebr is a must about your given situation, or your account may get jailed or deleted.

Bugs / Game abuse

Anyone found using bugs to gain illegal items or make the game work in any other way which its supposed to will be removed from the games databases.

The game is meant to be played by game links only. Any modification to game links, access to them to gain advantages will be considered cheat and can result in the termination / jail of said account.

User Names

Imitating staff is not allowed. Accounts with user names that are substantially the same as a staff member's user name will be jailed or terminated.

Have fun, enjoy Lost Realm and make life easy for everybody by sticking to the rules.


Players that beg staff for jobs, game cash or other benefits may be jailed.

Trades Outside of Game

Players may not make trades with other players outside of the game to gain an unfair advantage in Lost Realm.

Selling of Accounts

Players may not sell their accounts for real money or game money, if found doing so, the accounts in question will be terminated, no questions asked.

These are the basic and most important rules of the game. For a more indepth look at the rules, and the punishments you will recieve if found breaking them, please read the game rules in the game. While other sections of the game, such as the chatroom and message boards also have their own rules, you should make yourself familiar with all rules to avoid being punished whilst playing the game.



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